“A beautiful discovery” —Eddie Bernard, Le blog de jazznicknames

“Shows aural flexibility, and a naturally beautiful interplay among three stellar musicians” —Debbie Burke

“Geyer’s touch on the piano is a subtle intensity; he commands an introspective tone that has energy, but never heavy handed or uncontrolled.”Sylvannia Garutch, The Jazz Word

“All three players generate sublime energy and substantive tone.” —Stamish Malcuss, Jazz Sensibilities

“Geyer has created a musical statement of depth and perpetuity with The Acadian Orogeny.” Geannine Reid, All About Jazz

“[Geyer’s] attention to the smallest detail is stunning, and his effortless way of conveying those ideas takes the listener deeper into the message of the music.” —Elberton Cisnero, 5 Finger Review

“Beautifully conceived pieces that speak a language of serenity and introspection, while sparking thought provoking tranquility.” —Brice Boorman, Chalked Up Reviews